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From field to fork

Atkinson Meats are a small company based in Yorkshire who are passionate about supplying meat direct from the farm to you, the consumer.

On our own small farm in Yorkshire, we have a herd of Native Breed Cattle and Pigs. These animals are all home bred, spending their summers grazing our meadows and the winters staying warm in our barns.

The lamb we sell is supplied from a neighbouring farmer, who is a close friend of ours.

Please explore our website to learn more about our animals and the meat we provide.

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From field, to block, to box, to you...


Grass fed and Yorkshire bred

All our livestock are home bred, with our pigs being outdoor reared. From the moment our cattle are born, they are only fed their mother’s milk and a grass-fed diet. By only being fed grass, our cattle mature slower than commercial cattle and their carbon footprint is less than the meat you find in the supermarket and most butchers.Grass fed beef is also better for you as it has a lower fat content as well as other nutritional benefits – click here to find out more


Butchered & Packed on Farm

Once our animals are ready, they are sent to a local family run abattoir and then returned back to the farm to be butchered in our on-site butchery.The beef is dry aged for 21 days before being butchered, in order to develop the flavour and tenderness of the meat.


Blast Frozen

After the meat has been expertly sliced by our butchers, it is VAC packaged and frozen. Freezing the meat on the same day it has been butchered means the meat arrives with you as fresh as the day it was packaged.


Delivered direct to your door

When you have placed your order, we hand pick and box your items. We use cardboard boxes insulated with sheep’s wool pouches, all of which are recyclable or reusable. By using this packaging, our meat will arrive with you still frozen, so can either be popped in your freezer or defrosted straight away.

Some of our favourites

Lamb Chops

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Lamb Shank

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Pork Mince


Pork Chops

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Top Side

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Bavette Steak
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