Atkinson Meats is run by Sam Atkinson, with his wife Charlotte.

We live on a small farm in Yorkshire where we breed and rear our own cattle and pigs.

Having both grown up on farms, we have been able to enjoy great quality meat direct from our fields. We wanted to share this meat with others, and so decided to set up Atkinson Meats.

On our farm, we have over 10 breeding cows, which are a combination Beef Shorthorns, Galloways and Longhorns. Along with their calves, these animals enjoy the grass fields from April - October (weather dependent!) and then are brought into our barns over winter, to ensure they are kept warm and dry, feeding them on sileage and hay.

We currently have 4 sows, who are mother and her 3 daughters. These sows and their piglets live outdoors year round, and in Summer enjoy wallowing in our pond and any muddy puddles they find! They have shelter in the fields year round, which is bedded up with straw so they keep warm at cooler times.

We feel that our meat tastes so good, as the animals have a relaxed lifestyle. The animals are left to grow naturally, on a diet of grass, which allows them to mature at their own pace as well as giving their meat more nutrients which you will benefit from - Find out more on the Why Grass Fed Page

Our meat is available all year round.

We keep our stock frozen which gives you the convenience to order as much or as little as you want. Check out our Shop Pages for details about all our products.

We do also offer bulk boxes of meat chilled when we are butchering and have fresh stock. So if you do have freezer space for half a pig, half a lamb or a large box of beef, then this is a great way for you to buy quality meat at approx. 20% discount from us. Drop us an email or ring us to find out when we will next have chilled stock available.

If you have any queries, or want to learn more about Atkinson Meats, just drop us a note on our Contact page and we will be in touch.