Gluten Free Steak & Ale Sausage

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A new addition to our range, A Gluten free Steak and Ale Sausage. Beef from the flank is seasoned and filled into traditional skins. These can be a great alternaive in toad in the hole or used in a beefy sausage casserole.

Pack of 6.

Our native breed beef is slowly matured on a grass based diet for all its life, and then dry aged for a minimum of 21 days. The meat contains high amounts of Omega-3s, Conjugated linoleic acid and is loaded with vitamins and minerals due to the grass-fed diet. All our beef is hand-butchered on farm using traditional techniques.

"Our beef short ribs are a very versatile cut, perfect for slow cooking, marinating, grilling or barbeque-ing. Compared to their pork equivalents, these are more tender and a meatier flavour, which is further enhanced due to the beef being exclusively grass fed and then hung for 21 days. One of our personal favourites - we simply leave them on the bone, season with salt & pepper and then slow cooked for 7-8 hours. Absolutely delicious, we promise you'll be coming back for more!"